Escaped python found in neighbor’s garden five days later

A snake that escaped from its owner’s Montana home during moving day was found five days later in a neighbor’s garden pot.

The ball python’s owner, identified as Rae, said her 17-year-old snake, named Lucille Ball, escaped on the same day she moved out of her Bozeman home.

“We relocated her to a different enclosure for the day,” Rae told KBZK-TV. “She got a little curious and snuggled her way out of it. I went to grab her after a couple hours and she was just nowhere to be found.”

Rae said she was unable to locate Lucille, so she filed a report with the Bozeman Police Department before returning to her move.

“It’s one thing when your dog is missing, but when your snake — which is longer than you are — goes missing you wonder, what are people going to do when they see her,” Rae said.

Rae’s former roommate, Miles, was contacted by police five days later when neighbors found Lucille curled up in a garden pot.

“It was pretty funny because they were like, ‘She’s in the pot,'” Miles said. “I saw all these cop cars outside and they said, ‘Are you the snake boy?'”

The Bozeman Police Department posted a photo to Facebook showing Miles and the snake posing with two officers.

Miles said Lucille has been returned to her tank and is awaiting Rae’s return trip to bring the pet to her new home.