Delaware man wins second lottery jackpot in five weeks

A Delaware man has won a second large lottery jackpot in Maryland, his second big win in that state in just five weeks.

Duane Ketterman of Millsboro, Del., won a $30,785 Racetrax grand prize this past weekend after purchasing the ticket in a Baltimore suburb.

Ketterman works as a powerline technician, and his work takes him across the state line to Maryland everyday. As a result, he often purchases lottery tickets on those trips.

“I couldn’t believe I won the first time,” Ketterman told Maryland lottery officials. “So, when I saw this one, I was just stunned.”

Ketterman previously won an $18,000 grand prize in early July playing the same game for the Maryland lottery.

“I checked the ticket on my Lottery app and, after a moment to wrap my head around it, showed my wife,” Ketterman said. “She was as surprised as I was. More, even.”

Ketterman added that the couple does not have any immediate plans to use their winnings, but rather will wait for the right time. “Something will come up, good or bad, and we’ll have this to help handle it,” he said.

The lucky winner added that he had picked his winning lottery numbers at random and won the $30,785 jackpot after choosing to add a bonus multiplier — which boosted his prize five times.

Despite Ketterman not being a Maryland resident, that state has seen a number of large lottery wins in recent days.

A 90-year-old Gwynn Oak resident bought a $50,000 scratch-off winner that he had purchased as an instant ticket for $5.

“We both got excited,” the unidentified man said of him and his wife. “We have been married 65 years. When you are married for that long, you always get excited about everything together.”

The man added that he would use the winnings to help his local neighborhood.

On Aug. 9, a retired Navy officer claimed a $100,000 grand prize in a Baltimore suburb, saying that he plays the lottery simply as a hobby.

“I hit different stores and buy different tickets,” the man said. “I scanned [my ticket], did a double-take, scanned it again and left quietly,” he added.

The man said he was planning to surprise his wife with the news of their big lottery win.